OneTalk: Influencer Marketing and Technology in the Fashion & Beauty Industry

We had the pleasure paneling with Charles Han @Acuity.AI and Charlie Gu @Kollective Influence and had some really in-depth conversation about influencer marketing and video technology in the fashion & beauty industry. We tapped into some interesting facts such as Kardashian’s movement to Little Red Book and then discussed how international brands can successfully break into cross-cultural markets (Nars, CPB and etc.) We also compared the difference between the Chinese and US ecosystems - from brands, to influencers, and overall content creators.

How Technology Transforms the Fashion Retail Industry? 

It was a pleasure inviting Gabrielle Chou and Whitney Joy Cathcart to share the insights into the fashion/retail industry and for introducing state of the art technology from Allure Systems and 3DLOOK. It was a great discussion with Shelby Fabianac and everyone from our audience. Thank you to all who joined! Special thanks to our sponsor AHED Project ❤️

Influencer Panel x FIT-ANY Shoe Party

Thank you all who joined us today! We appreciate your support Katya Stesin & FIT-ANY for the fun shoe party. We also enjoyed the discussion with bloggers Lia Qu, Crystal Cao and Renee Liu. Great takeaways about how to start to become a fashion blogger and establish the community with authenticity and consistency. Couldn’t have thought of a better venue to host a fun meetup - thank you OnePiece Work.

Meet Beauty Startup Founders:  

Beauty x Entrepreneurship

Meet Beauty Startup Founders: we had an amazing discussion Bespoke | Coworking • Events • Demos tonight, thank you Agustina Sartori Odizzio, Patricia Ivancich Dassios for sharing your adventure of starting GlamST, La mienne. Thank you all for joining us tonight!

How Technology Influences the Fashion Industry? 

It was such a fun discussion last night about how technology influences fashion&e-commerce. Thanks again for sharing your adventure and insight Anastasia Sartan, Katya Stesin, Naseem Salehi Special thanks to OnePiece Work Hope you all enjoyed the event! Please follow Silicon Valley Founders Club meetup, twitter, and FB page. PM me if you want to join our event on July!

How Technology Transforms the the Beauty Industry? 

It was my great pleasure to have these three amazing ladies speaking at my event today, thanks Alta Sparling, Ida Linden, Sopiea Mitchell, we had great discussion about technology, business innovation and personalization in the beauty industry. Thanks for friends who came and support, hope you enjoy the panel and look forward to seeing you all again!